Monday, February 28, 2011


The person you are trying to reach is not available....

oh how i wish I could have a recording of that playing on a loop everytime i hear, "momma. momma. momma!"

this week has been one of those weeks. and i. am. tired.

my boys' injury report this week:

a sore back from the slaps incurred from a precious friend saving my oldest sons life who was choking on mongolian beef. the beef came up. the back still sore. but he's alive so we are ok with a sore back!

a severely split lip and a jacked up tooth- good thing its a baby tooth

a pretty bad burn on a tiny finger that has a MONGO blister that looks really painful.

a bead up a nose

a bruised rib cage. on the bright side, the bruised rib cage was what caused the bead to come flying out of the nose. (this was all done in view of medical personel who now are baffled by how i make it through a day)

I want to learn patience and all, but its only monday.

if this continues, Im gonna fake labor pains so I can go to the hospital and get some rest!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday was a great day for us. Saturday started like a normal weekend day. it was gorgeous outside and I had a tedious painting job ahead of me so I pulled up a chair and began painting. after a while harrison came up beside me and started helping me. we worked together for a while. brief conversations came up followed by silence and painting. it was nice. but then, the serious questioning began.

"mom," says harrison, "will Michael Jackson be in heaven?"

this makes me smile. you see, we had just watched "this is it" the michael jackson documentary. harrison has for years now had a fascination with Michael jackson. he wants to know all about him. why hes famous, all his songs, his dance moves, if he's really a zombie, etc.... while watching the movie, we answered lots of questions and explained to harrison that michael was a very rare, talented, gifted. individual. sort of a "elvis 2".

after a brief period of silence following the question, I said, "well, baby. we dont know. we dont know whether michael believed that Jesus died for his sins or not."

"but mom," harrison says in a very serious tone,"in the documentary, michael said, "God bless you. alot. he did. I heard him."

I smiled. I paused. I thought long and hard. I said, "yes, baby. he did. but that doesnt mean he knew Jesus Christ as his personal savior."

Harrison said, "well, i want to know if he'll be in heaven."

I said, "i guess we will see someday."

harrison said, "will I be in heaven?" I answered, "if you believe that God sent His only Son to die on a cross for your sins."

Harrison said, "I do believe that and I want to tell God."

I said, "why dont you go talk this over with your dad."

he went inside and a little later he and Tim came outside and wanted to pray together and my first born, my baby, accepted Christ as his Savior. what an incredible day.

I prayed for this day. I prayed for my son's soul. what a glorious day.

and who knew, Michael Jackson would insight just deep conversations.

:) thanks michael. hope to see you there.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Owl take it

So in november my husband made me this for my birthday:
He knows me very well. I have a serious fondness for most animals and it reaches a level of awe when it comes to owls. I can only guess its because I had an owl as a kid for a short period of time. My dad is a veterinarian and back in the day (oh my word. cant believe that phrase can describe my childhood) there werent many rehabilitation centers and veterinarians ended up taking in creatures of all kinds. one day an injured barn owl was brought in to the clinic so we became owl nurses.
Ever since that day I was in love. I have been fortunate to spot a few incredible owls in my life. There's a great horned owl that lives in the park near my house. And a couple that live on a friends land we frequent often. Ive seen plenty of Eastern Screech owls around my house and always stop everything to admire them. my sweet gorgeous husband took notice and for my last birthday - i turned 29 :)- ok, maybe not but its how old we FEEL right??- he made me an owl house. he researched how to make it specific to owls and worked hard on it to make it perfect. I was impressed.
I researched specifications on placement of the house and we hung it in december in our back yard. I was hopeful that in the next year or so we would have an owl family take up residence.
It didnt take near that long. It only took about 2 months for an owl to find this home perfect.
he sits for most of the day in the opening sound asleep. Occasionally when the blue jays are being particularly annoying he'll retreat inside the house.
Its been such a treat to watch him. Hes an eastern screech owl. his main diet is snakes, lizards, ROACHES (heck yeah!), and the sort. finally, a creature we get to take care of that CONTRIBUTES MORE THAN HE TAKES! my dog, contributes some but cant make up for the poundage of hair left on the floor, and my cats.... are well. cats.
they do whatever they dang well please. and eat tons.

when my husband gave me the owl house he said "happy birthday baby". when I called him a couple days ago to say an owl was in the house he said, "happy valentines day baby." ummmm.... I dont think so.... :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Art Day!

Harrison had his art day at kingdom kids this week. I loved his piece which he titled "lightening".
We had a great time looking at all the art the kids did.

I was intrigued by his imagination with his painting of lightening. I wish i had an inside view of what was in his head. kids are so creative!

look at the one above and left of harrison, the orange and yellow pendulum painting. That student titled it "butterfly". I see it! I probably would've titled it "pendulum painting". cause thats the extent of my imagination. but I was just so blown away by the artistry, imagination, creativity, insight, and beauty.

here is H in 2009 at an art show:

and 2011:

what a change....