Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am a mom of boys. I know how to handle boys. Yes, my boys regularly embarrass the holy mess outta me but I can handle them. Its really rather uncomplicated. If they are grumpy- feed them. whiny- nap them. aggressive- get out the pillows. restless- toss them outside with water guns. They dont care what they wear. They will eat anything. They dont "bicker" they fight. physically. If you cant reason them out of a fight- offer food. it'll distract at least one of them. its not complicated.

I have a pretty good understanding of parenting boys. I live in a uncomplicated world. at least until last week. last week we saw a new heartbeat. a new very wiggly baby. yep, there's gonna be another suel. and i was FINE, i was ok, i thought,"one more, its ok. we can do this." then as i lay there watching that wiggly baby on the sonogram screen a thought struck me: what if its a girl??!

then panic arose. i started thinking. I dont know how to tie a bow. I dont even wear skirts never mind dresses! its true- ask anyone who really knows me. I dont even think my clothes match on a regular basis. i dont care about makeup. my hair is too wierd to do anything with. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH A GIRL??!

then, slowly when my vision quit swimming, i thought about 20 years down the road. I thought, sons grow up find a scary conniving girl to steal them from their mommas and they never come back. but GIRLS. they come back right? they want to spend Christmases and thanksgiving with their parents. right?

so, to combat the panic in the back of my head that is constantly causing me to hyperventilate and pass out I think about that. I think: maybe 20 years down the road, after dating, pms, hormonal outbursts, and high school drama, she'll come back and sit at the table with me and drink coffee. and relish my insight and wisdom gained from many years down this road. right?? right?!

or it could be a boy. and all we have to do is beef up our medical insurance. :)