Friday, January 1, 2010

10 things i learned on our trip to new york

1. there ARE women who dip snuff and spit into a bottle
2. snow is fun to play in for about 10 minutes.
3. 9 degrees is not suitable for human beings for ANY length of time.
4. if you get up from your seat on an airplane while moving on a runway the flight attendant WILL take you out.
5. if you arent prepared to help an airsick passenger seated next to you, the flight attendant will publicly shame you.
6. take bathroom breaks BEFORE layering on the insane amounts of clothing required for 10 minutes of snow play.
7. sitting by the fireplace on a snowy christmas day is heavenly.
8. the buffalo airport walkway operators need to pass proficiency tests before being let loose to operate large retractable hallways people are to walk on.
9.sledding is like having ice cold water misted at your face while going 90 miles an hour.
10. traveling with my family is the best thing on planet earth.