Thursday, November 12, 2009

dynamic duo.....

so, funny story.......

remember, at the doctor's office, the clipboard lady? (if not, click the link to read the story)

well, we are getting quite the reputation at the doctor's office.

Last week i went to tyler and while there, i got VERY sick. i came down with the stomach bug from hell. its really bad. no fever, nothing except throwing up continually. its soooooooo bad. i had to get shots of zofran to make the nausea stop just so i could function. on saturday i finally felt well enough to drive us back to college station.

we had a routine appointment for lockett at the doctors office monday morning. I got up, felt totally normal, and was excited to be home, everyone was healthy, i was ready for a normal week. i loaded the boys in the car and headed to lockett's appointment.

i was driving down hwy 6 when harrison says, "mom, i am gonna be sick." i thought -oh please NO! i told him to close his eyes and breath slowly that i couldnt pull over on hwy 6. (it scares me to death to be on the side of a hwy). harris says, "no mom, i am gonna be sick NOW!" i quickly pull over to the shoulder and jump out and run like a crazy woman around the car, jerk the door open just in time to catch the first load of throw up in my hands. and it just keeps comin. i pull him out of the car and there, on the side of the highway harrison and mommy are standing..... harrison is soooo sick. he got throw up all over his car seat, his clothes, me, his deetdeet (his linus blanket) it was just everywhere. and i was quickly feeling sick myself.

I stripped his shirt off there on the side of the road (much to his horror) and did my best to clean up. the only thing i had was a package of dried up wipes. so, we drove straight to the doctor appointment and harrison had to walk up to the office shirtless. he was so mortified. he used lockett's blanket to cover up with and lockett was screaming his head off in protest of this violation of his blanket. i was covered in throw up. we were quite a sight. and just guess who greets us....... the clipboard lady. yeah for me. yeah for this crazy life. my boys are gonna owe me BIG time.

heres a picture of our halloween costumes: