Sunday, May 31, 2009

a huge thank you.....

this weekend was our bass player's birthday. daniel plays bass with tim and for his birthday he invited all of the band out for dinner. thats quite an undertaking in many different ways. :) we went out to his house and it was GORGEOUS. i mean seriously. amongst many incredible pieces of furniture, a solid marble table and marble chairs, and a who knows what and how, INCREDIBLE carved wood coffee table, that i am very sure lockett was eyeing to use as a teething chew toy.

they served some seriously amazing food. it was really nice to have all the band members together sitting down talking and eating and not playing or busy working.

the boys came with us- harris LOVES daniel and was excited to go to his "birthday party". harrison got to feed the fish, help blow out candles, LOVED the noodles and spring rolls, and had a really great time. tim and i played "pass the baby" with lockett the whole time because i just knew lockett would urp on or chew some priceless heirloom passed down for centuries. nope, we werent going to give him the slightest edge.

here are a few pictures i snapped while juggling babies. daniel, very nice. thank you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

makin' hay.....

gosh, it feels like ive been gone alot. ive been on the road again and this trip was incredibly productive. it was fun, physical, outdoors, and very very productive.

me and the boys went to tyler to forage. weird, i know. my sisters and i have always picked dewberries and blueberries and we are learning to use what God provides (for free!) to supplement our groceries. so, this week we picked dewberries, for pies, cobblers, and jam. the wild plums are also now ripe so we picked busket <--(what movie????) loads of wild plums and made jelly (they are NOT good to eat raw, they are very tart) but in jelly made with wine, oh holy cow! :)

we also scouted out massive amounts of wild BLACKberries (different from dewberries) and muscadine grapes (again, good jam!), wild strawberries, and blueberries (at a farm) and will pick them when they are ready.

harris and lock are great helpers except lockett eats more than he helps.

we also worked in our family garden. we have TONS of squash! and cucumbers. we are waiting for the tomatoes, bell peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkins, peas, and peppers.... boy are we gonna have a haul! its been VERY helpful with the grocery bill.

here are some fun pictures from our foraging

i'd never seen the end of a rainbow before, but i snapped a picture of alyssa walking toward the garden and saw the rainbow behind her, we followed it and the end-ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND- was right by our garden. seriously, really neat. no gold, but maybe our garden will be extra blessed. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

camp nana and pawpaw...

its been a while since i posted and theres a good reason. i have been traveling. occasionally my business requires me to travel and in may i have to go to Massachusetts. this year was different though, since my in laws moved to New York i decided to take the boys to new york and leave them at "camp Nana and Pawpaw" while i drove on to Massachusetts.

We flew up to buffalo and let me tell you, harrison and lock both did great but holy jeeze! lockett is like a bear and i wrestled with him the entire flight. i felt like i had gone 10 rounds straight up WWF style. we got to buffalo and nana and pawpaw picked the boys up at the airport and i got a rental car and drove on to massachusetts.

in massachusetts i worked my tail off, it was probably the hardest week of work since i started this business. the weaker economy was really showing. after the first day working, i got back to the hotel and got very very sick. i was worried that i wouldnt make it back to texas on a plane with two boys! the next morning was bad but better so i bucked up and went back to work. i worked all day and again, sick that night. but the next day, after working part of the day, i drove "the 90" back to buffalo and picked up my boys. nana and pawpaw had kept the boys so happy and they were having a blast!

we stayed with nana and pawpaw saturday and got to see Niagara falls. all i can say is -wow. its funny, saturday was me and tims 10 year anniversary and i was at the falls by myself! thats totally on par for my life. a great milestone to celebrate, i get to niagara falls and my husband isnt there! :)

we spent the night with nana and pawpaw, then got up early and flew back sunday.

overall, i am EXHAUSTED, but we had a good time. sickness aside, it was a good, productive trip. but i am SO glad to be back in the south! no offense to those from the north, but we southerners do things a bit differently and quite frankly- i like it-. i struggled all week with a MONSTER little (big) boy and a QUICK 3 year old and i coulda been on fire and folks woulda (and did) walk around me up north. the second i got back into texas, i was struggling with a stroller on a shuttle and a sweet guy JUMPED up and picked up the entire stroller (lockett and all) and walked him off the shuttle and offered more help. he was a God send, and i was so happy to be back in the south!

here are some pictures from our trip.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

our week....

this week has been a bit crazy. we've been super busy. i guess every year during April and May things ramp up and get wild. We've been dealing with little lockett being sick. he's had a few issues we've had to address. one was a bacterial infection in his throat. UGH! poor guy- one issue we will keep under wraps for his sake but trust me when i say it is PAINFUL and sad. he's being the sweet goodhearted trooper he always is though.
best part of this week has to be my sweet husband. he has launched the official "tara week". I have been tired and overwhelmed with motherhood lately and my precious husband noticed. he took action and every night this week he has planned something for me that i love. he has gone above and beyond every night to have SOMETHING for me that relaxes me, feeds me, and ministers to me. a couple of the things he's done has been have my most precious friends over to eat out on our deck and sit around and talk until the wee hours. he's been in overdrive taking the kids off my hands and he even -get this- took me and both my sisters out dewberry picking. ALL DAY. he drove us around in his 4wheel drive truck and chauffeured us around while we gave the orders. i mean, he even sat in the truck with lockett and kept him happy. how was i so blessed!?
we've had a good week and here are a few of the pictures.